PermaCorp Group of Companies Introduces

PermaCorp Structural (PCS) Divisions


PCS Fabrication and PCS Engineering & Design 


PermaCorp Group of Companies Inc. is pleased to announce a formal divisional reorganization that introduces industrial and commercial steel production operations as PCS Fabrication and also introduces PCS Engineering and Design.

We see tremendous growth opportunity with our strategic partners in the industrial and commercial steel construction markets for our structural fabrication, engineering and design expertise. PCS Fabrication and PCS Engineering & Design will offer the following services and industry solutions:

PCS Fabrication     Structural, Industrial Products and Services                                                                 

Commercial, residential, industrial structural steel fabrication      

  • Erecting and field service                                                        
  • Modular structures, refineries processing plants                  
  • Water treatment plants                                                 
  • Catwalks, platforms, mezzanines                                           
  • Structural beams & trusses  
  • Site Rig-Up and portable site welding services
  • Oil well drilling structures
  • Structural steel and custom fabrication                                                                                                                                                       

If you wish additional information on any of the PermaCorp Divisions or product lines, or specific information related to the services shown above please contact our customer service professionals at 1- 888-514-9140.

PCS Fabrication - A PermaCorp Company

Quality, Certification and Engineering Make the Difference 

PCS Fabrication is a specialty manufacturer that directly supports plant maintenance, plant construction, and the industrial sector with specialty designed and engineered manufacturing. We specialize in structural steel and aluminum construction and plant maintenance service and safety aluminum products.

At PCS, we hold the distinction as a certified CWB corporation and provide leadership and project support for all design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing requirements.

Our primary focus at PCS is to support the construction, petroleum, chemical, refinery and power generation plants with retrofitted structural aluminum or steel products. All products are designed, engineered and manufacturing for plant construction and safety requirements. Our dedication and leadership in process control, quality certification and as a CSA-W 47.2 Canadian Welding Bureau certified company allows us exclusive access to structural and engineered projects. It is our mission to become the industry leader as a specialty aluminum manufacturer, serving the retail, commercial and industrial markets.

We have developed strong relationships with companies who have specifically surveyed and qualified PCS as sole suppliers for products and specialty retrofit projects. Our capabilities extend into other custom metal fabrication as well. We look forward to offering our design and metal work expertise to you in the future.

At PCS, we provide only the highest level of workmanship. Our initial and after-sales service compliments both the standard and philosophy required to support your facilities.

Our focus is custom design requirements. We welcome the opportunity to be included as part of your maintenance and structural product application team.

Improve maintenance and safety practices with custom engineered structural aluminum plant products designed for efficiency and durability.

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PCS Fabrication. is a specialty Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) aluminum certified manufacturer serving the power generation, petroleum, chemical processing and refinery plants in Canada.

PCS can support all of your requirements with custom engineered and specialty product solutions. All products are supported by national manufacturing policies and in the strictest Canadian certified aluminum manufacturer quality standards.

“Certification Makes the Difference”

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