PermaRail's miscellaneous metal division provides various aluminum and stainless steel products to add the finishing touches to a project.

  • PermaRail cladding provides protection to underlying material from the elements. Our cladding is designed to provide optimal protection while improving the aesthetic appeal of a structure.

  • Aluminum and stainless steel corner guards are used to protect the walls of high foot traffic or equipment travel areas.

  • Pylon signs are freestanding structures, generally near a roadway close to a business to attract attention. These signs can be used to grab the attention of someone who would otherwise be unaware of a business.

  • Improve the exterior aesthetics of a building by embossing the name and address in a custom stainless steel or aluminum plaque.

  • An enclosure for dumpsters and other garbage storage to prevent animals or unwanted garbage from disturbing the area.

  • Metal door frames are used to increase security and rigidity of a structure. Door frames are available in both steel and stainless steel.