Universal Post & Glass Railing System

PermaRail has engineered a single post profile that is universal for any corner, radius, or in line glass railing system. This design is cost effective and the most structural and universal concept in the industry. For patio applications and or unobstructed views the PermaRail UPG product is easy to dealers and Do It Yourself Installation.

The UPG Product is available from any of our dealers and also through the Crystal Glass Group of Companies and their dealer locations in Canada.

The UPG Design has been chosen as the standard for all Original Joe's Restaurants Patio Applications.

Rail Styles

NEW! Prestige Rail: topless railing with glass only. (Click images for larger view)

Wind Walls, Privacy Panels, Waterfall Railings

PermaRail Privacy Panels are available in solid aluminum panels or produced with multiple glass panel options, frosted, sand blasted, acid etched and many others.

PermaRail is also the only manufacturer that produces railings with water features and LED lighting options. These features are ideal to enhance your private outdoor experieince, or additions to windwall systems. 

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Spindle Railings, Wide Spindles, Basket Spindles

Permarail offers many spindle railing options, standard size, wide spindles, basket spindles, cable railing systems and decorative profiles with rings and custom features. Contact Sales 888-514-9140

Glass Balustrade Pureview Railings

New Design Glass Balustrades in place of aluminum spindles. This design provides an open concept with the benefit of glass panels.

LED Lighted Railing Systems

PermaRail Design LED light systems for deck application, spiral staircases, corridor lighting and many new applications.

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Stainless Steel Cable Railing

PermaRail introduces a new stainless steel cable railing system for commercial and residential applications. This product is designed for the very contemporary application where nothing but the best in quality will do.

Call customer service for additional information and pricing options.